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See also OSMOSIS (biology): ASSIMILATION (sociology): FILTER (equipment):

Harnessing the process of a gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas and knowledge into the built environment.


The Osmoz Process

Studio Osmoz is a young architectural & urban design practice founded in 2017. It has vast experience in research, analysis, and design. It has an international background that triggers dynamic & flexible solutions for any challenge it faces. It is a practice that does not believe in barriers between architecture & urban design – that all scales of the built environment & the context that exists around it should seamlessly work together within a common symbiotic relationship.

We believe in developing a variety of design frameworks that merge the theoretical with the practical, the philosophical with the historical, and the large with the small scale. This research-based approach will help foster inspiring environments for its users, while remaining true to the essence of the context they exist in. We also strive to create rich hierarchies of public & private spaces. This allows for the integration/overlap between a variety of spatial typologies, while creating a clear sense of ownership & belonging for the people who will use/occupy these spaces.

It is because of this that we strongly believe in designing an active & dynamic public realm that also provides private spaces without isolating people from the environment they inhabit. To achieve this, these designed spaces need to be flexible that allow for new responses & solutions over time, depending on the wishes & needs of its inhabitants. In combination with local material use & climate responsive details/solutions, these methods can contribute to making timeless architectures that have a positive impact on not only the people who will use them, but also on sustainability issues & the environment.

Team Osmoz

Osman Ural

Osman Mürsel Ural

Founder & Creative Director

Aysegul Gultekin Ural

Ayşegül Gültekin Ural

CEO & Head Business Developer

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